What is a 3D Printer and How Does 3D Printing Work

What is a 3D printer and how does it work? In this article, I will tell you about 3D printer. If you ever saw Mission Impossible 4 Film: Ghost Protocol, there was a scene about a unique gadget which use by IMF to create a mask using 3D mapping from a character’s face. Is it real? Or it’s just a fantasy? Well, the fact is there is a Japanese Company, REAL-F which is currently developing a 3D printer that can make replicas face. It’s crisp 3D prints! Of course, it makes you so curious, but what exactly it is?

Here’s a brief description of it.

What is a 3D printer?


The 3D printer is a unique technology that helps you make a 3D object. 3D printing also commonly known as Additive Layer Manufacturing is a process of building a 3-dimensional solid object or any shape of a digital model. It works like a laser printer with a technique of creating objects from some layers which each layer printed on top of each other. Some 3d printer reviews: makerbot replicator is one of a powerful printer in the market.

This printing technology has been developed since 1985, but it’s not well known until 2010 when 3D printing machine was introduced commercially. Historically, the first working 3D printer was made by Chuck Hull of 3D Systems Corp in 1984. Since then, 3D printing technology has been growing and used in prototyping as well as in the industry as widely as in architecture, automotive, military, medical sector, geographic information systems to biotech.

This 3D printer is superb because it can produce different kinds of objects, in different materials, all in one machine. You can make 3d architectural modeling with this printer. A 3d printer also can make anything from ceramic cups to plastic toys, metal machine parts, stoneware vases, fancy cake or even human body parts.

How does it work?

The needed for printing is no longer just on paper. Technological advances can make your imagination come true. 3D printer helps to answer the need to print a design digitally into a real product. It works like conventional inject printers where the printer creates layers of colors in print to make an object look the way it should. The central principle for print 3D printing is required 3-dimensional data or so-called 3-dimensional digital data.

Begin by outlining a 3D protest, set up your 3D record of the question you need to print. This 3D record can be made utilizing CAD programming, with a 3D scanner or downloaded explicitly from an online commercial center. When you have watched that your 3D document is prepared to be printed, you can continue to the subsequent stage.

The 3D printing process divided the object into thousands of little slices then make it from the bottom-up, slice by slice. Those small layers stick together to form a solid object.

Next, if the design is ready, you can print directly, connect to a 3D printer, press ‘print’, and then you sit back and wait until the printing process is done. The time of this printing process depends on the size and model.

Cool 3D prints

Don’t you think that this 3D printer Is cool! When you break something, and you want to replace it, but it’s no longer sold, and you can’t return it. This 3D printing can help you to create the new one. It’s the world that you can make almost anything. It’s likewise the world that you can influence anything like you to need like furniture made to fit your home, shoes made to fit your feet, entryway handlers made to fit your hands, even pharmaceuticals, bones, organs, food and skin made to treat your wounds.

Of course, you’re tremendously excited by the possibilities of 3D printing. Maybe, you can buy all of those things now if you are wealthy, but this 3D printing brings the affordable price, try googling and search “personalized 3D printed products” and find the good one for you.

What are the limitations?

The 3D printing process eliminates many steps used in traditional manufacturing. Although you can search by cheap 3d printer than setting up a factory, the cost per item you produce is higher, so the economics of 3D printing don’t stack up against traditional mass production yet. It’s also can’t match the smooth finish of industrial machines.

3D printing technology brings new possibilities for industries by enabling faster product design and customization. However, 3D printing technology has a limit and is not always the right choice for product development for your development project.

The 3D machine is still potentially wasteful. Moreover, their economic and environmental impacts have not been extensively studied. But, like many other technologies, the price will come down, and the capabilities will improve.

Do we need a 3D printer?

If you are a product designer or engineer, maybe you will need this machine. It’s an emerging technology which means, there is always a doubt for most people about needing one until everyone has got one.

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