Bullet Blender

How Bullet Blender Can Be The Best Option to Help You Make Your Own Smoothie

Whenever you want to make your own smoothie then you need decent blender to be able to gather all nutrients from your smoothie ingredients. There are lot of types blender in the market but bullet blender known as the most compatible blender to make smoothies.

A bullet blender is a kind of blender which is closely packed and sold by a division of American company Alchemy Worldwide called Homeland Housewares and it has substituted the traditional food processor. It’s because of its shape that’s why it’s called bullet since it’s much smaller than a jug blender.

Finding the best bullet blender is something that you need to think about heavily since the market is full of appliances that do not suit your personal needs. This has been brought about by the latest emergence of Nutribullet and other fake blenders which have filled the market.

Nutribullet is a special machine that helps in extracting nutrients from both vegetables and fruits. Therefore as a user, take considerably good time to compare between different blenders that exist in the market and the newer ones that have been brought in the market so that you don’t end up being deceived or get mixed up ending acquiring a machine that won’t serve your intended purpose.

If you need to have the most reliable bullet blender then consider features of different blenders such as the price, watts, its safety and its warranty. I advise that one should buy a bullet blender that extract nutrients like Vitamix which are vital in the functioning of our bodies therefore making our bodies healthy all time. Vitamix is a kind of brand that is highly trusted because of its performance in our bodies as it helps in maintaining good health.

Bullet blenders have just emerged in the market therefore it’s totally a new concept in peoples mind. Many people are not aware of this type of blender but a lot of advertisement is being made to popularize them. They come in a unique way, it has got a base and a small cup.

How Bullet Blender Works

Put your vegetables and fruits on the cup then flip over such that the base is able to stand, then press down the cup and leave it to work as it mixes the fruits, vegetables and all your produce. You can visit online platforms for reviews and to gain a deeper insight on how this machine works as bullet blenders are quite real and practical so try this and you will certainly enjoy and find it to be very useful to you.

Find out why a bullet blender is good for you

It is important to understand the benefits that bullet blenders have to you in-terms of health and nutrition. Bullet blends have actually played an important role as many people are aware of their nutrition and health status recently. People are becoming healthier because of the increased consumer information about the need to take fruits and vegetables.

There are indeed a number of bullet blenders that exist starting from Nutribullet Graphite which works much better because of its efficiency in performance. It’s the best in making smoothies and its available in different colors, the choice is yours. The second type you can buy is Salter Nutri pro which resembles Nutribullet since it’s different in terms of features such that its motor is much stronger and the blades are multi-purpose in nature.

We can’t fail also to talk about Vitamix S30 when discussing about the best bullet blender because of its well-known speed and versatility. It can blend whole fruits and make a pretty much enjoyable juice that is good for your health, while the tight competition on bullet blender comes when Ninja Bullet From Ninja Kitchen vs Nutribullet.

What are the advantages of a bullet blender?

It is cheaper

bullet blenders are not expensive to acquire as the price is pocket friendly therefore for those who are just beginning to blend, they can buy these bullet blenders and begin making as much smoothies as possible which is good for their health.

Its faster and easy to use

Bullet blends are saves you time and in addition it’s not complicated to use as the procedure of blending is quite easy and simple since you just put ingredients on the cup, screw it then flip over then you press down the cup and leave it to work on itself.

Simple to clean

It’s very easy to wash and clean a bullet blender since its jug can be washed the same way you wash or clean a cup and you can rinse the blades using water.


Bullet blender is one of the best blender type that will help you make your smoothie and extract the nutrients from all the ingredients of your smoothie. This type of blender is suitable for you who have tight daily activities but don’t want to miss to feed your body with nutrients by drinking smoothie.


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green smoothies

Green smoothies: How Beneficial This Food to Your Health?

Do you really comprehend what should form part of your smoothie in order for your body to get the essential nutrients it needs to fight diseases and keep them away? You have just landed at the right place at the right time because we are about to see what makes a smoothie what it should be. Everyone is so obsessed with smoothies these days but a good number of smoothie lovers do not have the necessary information about them. Yes a smoothie can be good to our health but what should be its ingredients and what should not be included? This is a very important question smoothie lovers should answer before going ahead to blend their favorite vegetables or fruits to make a smoothie.

What are some of the benefits of smoothies?

According to nutritionists and many smoothie lovers, here are some of the benefits of smoothies.

Increased levels of energy

The best way to increase your energy levels is by eating nutritious smoothies that will not interfere with your digestive system. The best way to kick-start your day is by eating nutritious smoothies that will energize your day and have everything sorted.

Natural method of losing weight

Smoothies have been confirmed as one of the best methods in losing weight naturally. Mothers who have given birth can use this as one of the natural ways of losing weight.

Improves your digestive system

If you don’t want to overwork your digestive system just ensure that you take your favorite smoothie in the morning before you get to work. Your system will not be bothered and will work smoothly the whole day without any complication.

The list of smoothie benefits is long and some of the benefits are as follows.

  • Improved focus and clarity
  • The best source of essential nutrients and minerals
  • Smooth skin
  • antioxidants

It is very significant to prioritize our health whenever we want to grab something to eat. Our bodies need to be healthy at all times to keep illnesses away. Without understanding what should form part of our smoothies then we would not have achieved to keep our immunity strong all the time.

These days you’ll see a number of people at your local joint with a cup of smoothie on the go. Don’t be surprised because this is the trend these days. Everyone wants to form part of those taking smoothies several days a week. A normal smoothie is usually made by blending your favorite fruits and leafy green vegetables to give it the taste it should have. We now want to know the plain truth about the smoothie thing now that everyone is so obsessed about it.

Did you know that almost all vegetables contain high levels of oxalate? Oxalate is also known as oxalic acid. It is a type of oxalic acid you can find in a number of plants and leafy greens. Our bodies do not require oxalate because it can be produced naturally by the body. Oxalate is harmful to our bodies because high levels of oxalate are linked to complications such as kidney stones and other illnesses.

Some of the vegetables that have been found to contain high levels of oxalate are Swiss chard, rhubarb, leeks, okra and spinach. Some grains also contain high levels of oxalate. While planning to prepare your favorite smoothie, you should first understand that leafy greens contain high oxalate levels which are not required by the body for general functioning.

Begin by doing research on the vegetables which have low oxalate levels and high in nutrients that our bodies need to fight diseases. Some people think that steaming their vegetables before blending them to give smoothies may reduce the amount of oxalates but that’s not the case. Actually, cooking your vegetables before blending them increases the level of oxalates in your vegetables. The only secret is therefore blending vegetables that have low levels of oxalate.

To make your body satisfied by your smoothie all day from the morning, just add the best vegetables with low levels of oxalate into your blender and spice them with your favorite fruits maybe a banana or an orange to give it the taste. However you shop for your vegetables and fruits, just make sure that you only use healthy and nutritious species.

Remember to be patient with results because they are usually not instant. Our bodies will start utilizing the nutrients we get differently. Our bodies also respond differently. That is why some people may see results faster than others.

Don’t over-depend on your veggies and fruits alone to give you the necessary nutrients. Why not try some supplements that have been proven to work. I mean nutrients that can add value to your smoothie and make it as nutritious as possible?


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dry fasting vs water fasting

Dry Fasting vs Water Fasting Which One is Good For Your Body?

Let’s not talk much about the different ways to heal and detoxify our bodies yet we have a well known ancient method called fasting to rely on. Fasting has been tested and trusted to be the best way to help our bodies work better by being the safest approach to adopt whenever waste products and toxins increase in the body.

Historical evidence shows that ancient people used to fast not only for spiritual purposes but to also keep diseases away and stay healthy. There are two main approaches when it comes to fasting:

  • Dry fasting
  • Water fasting

There are different myths about these two types of fasting as we shall see later but let’s first understand what dry fasting and water fasting actually mean.

Dry fasting means going without drinking water and food for days and leaving your body to depend on stored water and nutrients to keep you going. You should never get worried when dry fasting because your body is capable of utilizing food and water reserves to see you through the dry fasting period. You should however get professional advice from an expert before going ahead to choose dry fasting.

Water fasting on the other hand means going without food but drinking water to keep you hydrated as you fast. Water is life and an essential component in our bodies. Our bodies need water for metabolism and other functions. However, the water you drink as you fast should be clean to avoid bacterial infections and other diseases.

Water Fasting

There is enough ancient evidence which shows that some of the greatest scientists we all know used water fasting to boost their intelligence. Considered as the most challenging method of fasting especially in the initial 2-3 days, water fasting requires close supervision because if not well monitored, the person fasting can end up getting more bad than good.

Yes it’s true that Pythagoras and Aristotle performed water fasting to help boost their intelligence and general body health. What many people don’t know is that there are very many factors to consider before going ahead to fast. You actually don’t need to fast all the times because this can negatively affect your body and general health.

Water fasting tips
  • The hardest part of water fasting is actually starting the fast. If you make it through the first two days then you’ll be good to go.
  • Avoid overworking yourself in strenuous exercises that can lead to depletion of fats and water reserves in your body.
  • If you are under insulin medication please do not fast without being closely monitored by a specialist..
  • If you fear water fasting then you’ll need to look for a professional to monitor and supervise you appropriately.
  • After water fasting you need to closely monitor what you need to eat for your body to get back to its normal working environment.

Dry Fasting

It will be right to say that all the myths about dry fasting are nothing but baseless talking that lack concrete evidence. Our bodies are capable of going without food and water for many days and this cannot lead to death if supervised and monitored appropriately.

As we speak today the record that stands on dry fasting in Guinness book of records is 18 days. Eighteen good days without water and food is the standing record. Yes you heard that right.
When the body goes without food, it undergoes stress which triggers it to look for other means to get water and other essential nutrients. This is the time when fat reserves in the body get utilized to produce water to support body processes.

Our bodies are like electric cars which automatically convert to the use of gas the moment batteries go down. This is why a person is capable of going over 10 days without food and still come out strong.

One funny thing that happens to our bodies when dry fasting is that body parts such as the skin starts working differently to support functions. During dry fasting, the skin starts to absorb moisture and supplies it to the body to combat dehydration.

Benefits of dry fasting over water fasting
  1. It’s so obvious that dry fasting helps to clear any inflammation in the body faster than water fasting. Inflammation cannot thrive in dry conditions and that’s why dry fasting is effective when dealing with inflammation.
  2. The fastest way to lose weight is through dry fasting. Our bodies start utilizing fat reserves by getting water from such fats when dry fasting hence reducing the amount of fats in the body.
  3. Dry fasting is the easiest way to reduce the amount of toxins in body tissues to promote regeneration of tissues.
  4. Dry fasting is the best option to go for if clearing the digestive tract is the priority.

Even though not many people have embraced dry fasting, there is solid evidence that it works better than water fasting in-terms of effectiveness and end results. It is also important to compare the two fasting methods before going ahead to fast. Whether it’s water fasting or dry fasting all that matters is supervision and how the body responds to the sudden changes it undergoes when fasting.


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